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Matt Lowder

If you would like to host a  workshop at the convention then please fill out the application. We’d like to have you attend to make Cecil Con a success!


Welcome to the information page for workshops here at Cecil Con 2019. If you are interested in running a workshop then please make sure you have read through all of our rules and info before filling out the application below, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

– 2019 Applications are OPEN  –

Rules & Info

– All workshop time slots start at the top of the hour, and are 50 minutes in length (to end 10 minutes before the next hour starts).

– If you need any specific equipment, please let us know in advance in the form and we will do the best we can to make sure you have access to what you need.

– Unfortunately, outside technology is extremely difficult to connect to the College’s network and projection systems. We recommend that all media such as music, PowerPoints, and videos be burned to CDs or saved on a flash drive, then we can give you access to school computers more easily.

– All workshop instructors will have a staff member available to them that will help with attendees, be their contact to Tech Support, and be at the workshop to answer any questions the workshop instructor may have.

– Workshop Description on the application is what will go on the website and the convention booklet, so please fill that in accordingly. We at Cecil Con reserve the right to edit the descriptions as needed (mainly for space).

– All workshop instructors must be listed and IDs will be checked to verify they are over the age of 18.


The lead workshop instructor, for our purposes, is the individual submitting the application. Please provide the information below as the main contact person. Thank you!

Lead Instructor Name (required)

Lead Instructor Phone Number (required)

Lead Instructor Email Address (required)



Name of Workshop (required)

How many instructors will be in your group (including you)? Maximum of four. (required)

Please list the names of the other instructors in your group, separate with comma.

Please verify that all instructors are over 18 years of age. (required)

Description of Workshop (required)
Please include descriptions of any activities taking place in this workshop. Also include what the end result of your workshop will be. For example, describe the finished product or result that attendees will walk away from the workshop with.

Convention Booklet Description
Short description suitable for the convention program. This may be very similar to the above workshop description, and that's fine.

Workshop Category (required)
How you would classify the primary topic of your workshop. Scroll for options.

If you selected "Other" please specify below...

Materials Fee (required)

Is there a materials fee for supplies that each attendee must pay in order to take the workshop? Please specify...

Will you need tech support to setup? (required)

Have you run workshops before at other conventions, events, or classes?
If so, please list some or all of those conventions, events or classes.