chronicler of the lands of hope - Cecil Con Author Alley

Chronicler of the Lands of Hope

Will Hahn serves as chronicler to The Lands of Hope, an heroic/epic fantasy world setting with a lifetime of adventure.

C. N. Wynn, Author - Cecil Con Author Alley

C. N. Wynn, Author

The Jack Taylor Cases is a book series and collector cards that combines holiday folklore with who-done-it style detective/mystery.

Daniel Ford Cecil Con Author Alley

Daniel M. Ford, Author

Daniel M. Ford is a native of Baltimore and the author of the The Paladin Trilogy.

Daniel Sullivan, Author - Cecil Con Author Alley

Daniel Sullivan, Author

Daniel Sullivan hails from what was once rural Maryland, and is the author of the Silver Liner series.

David E Walker, Author - Cecil Con Author Alley

David E Walker, Author

Cobasfang Justice Returns, is a new and exciting family adventure story that follows an impulsive young boy’s desperate journey.

Erin Dean - For the Love of Board Games - Cecil Con Author Alley

Erin Dean, Author

Erin is the author behind “For the Love of Baord Games”, a book which was funded in 24 hours on Kickstarter and features interviews with the industries biggest game designers!

Jamie Davis, Author - Cecil Con Author Alley

Jamie Davis, Author

Jamie writes LitRPG, GameLit, urban, and contemporary paranormal fantasy stories, among other things.

J. L. Jackola, Author - Cecil County Author Alley

J. L. Jackola, Author

J. L. Jackola is a local author whose fantasy romance novel, Ascension, was recently published by Indie Gypsy.

Liz DeJesus, Author - Cecil Con Author Alley

Liz DeJesus, Author

Liz DeJesus is a novelist, freelance writer, writing coach and a poet, she has several novels for purchase and signing.

LS KING - Cecil Con Author Alley

LS King, Author

L.S. King has novels published in two different series, Deuces Wild and The Sword’s Edge Chronicles.

Lynn Almengor, Author - Cecil Con Author Alley

Lynn Almengor, Author

Lynn‘s debut novel “Now That We’re Adults” is about a group of geeky friends struggling to figure out life after college.

Ryan D Gebhart, Author - Cecil Con Author Alley

Ryan D Gebhart, Author

Ryan D Gebhart first started writing the Jewel of Life series in 2012 in Philadelphia, PA, shortly after concluding his undergraduate studies in philosophy.

Sharon Brubaker, Author - Cecil Con Author Alley

Sharon Brubaker, Author

Sharon Brubaker is a MD author of the popular Green Man Series, Between Earth & Sea: A Selkie Tale, and many more!