Meredith S. K. Boas


October 31, 2018

6′ Artist*

A 6ft table is $45
Comes with 1 table,
2 chairs, 2 passes

*This is the recommended option for Artist & Authors!

8′ Vendor

An 8ft table is $65
Comes with 1 table,
2 chairs, 2 passes

10’x10′ Deluxe

A 10’x10′ Space for $110
Comes with 2 tables,
2 chairs, 2 passes


November 30, 2018


– Online Payment

– Check


Cecil College


Cecil College Elkton Station
Attn: Shawn Markey
107 Railroad Ave
Elkton, MD 21921


Welcome to the information page for artists & authors here at Cecil Con 2019. Below is information about becoming an artist or author at our convention. Applications are online only. Please read through everything before applying and don’t hesitate to contact us to ask any questions that may not already be addressed below.

Artist/Author Selection Information


This year applications are open until October 31st, 2018 at 8pm. Once applications closed, over the course of two weeks the Cecil Con Board of Directors will jury the applications of all artists and authors, taking into consideration the following:

– Variety of products/offerings/artwork/books (categories of many types)
– Craftsmanship, creativity, and appeal
– Professionalism and completeness of portfolio

If you are not accepted this year please reapply next year, just because you are not accepted this year does not mean in any way that your work is not awesome. Each year we receive many more applications than table spaces available. We have implemented a jury-based system to maintain an excellent exhibition of skill and creativity in the Artist/Author Alley. Our jury is comprised of experienced illustrators and designers that understand the field and how difficult it can be to grow and improve one’s skills. We hope that this does not discourage you, but inspires your determination to develop your talent. We don’t feel it is appropriate to be discussing any specifics regarding why a particular Artist or Author was or was not selected, and do not release the jury scores publicly or privately.

Those artists and authors who do not make it into the initial round of those accepted will be placed on the waitlist. If there are any spaces not paid for by the payment deadline then persons who were initially selected for those spaces will be bumped and those who are on the waitlist will be contacted to fill the available spaces.

We ask that you fill out the form in its entirety. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please make sure you do not skip over any questions. Please include a few examples of your art, a photo of your booth, a link to your website and a detailed description of the merchandise you plan to sell. Most importantly, do NOT forget to include a portfolio. If we can’t see your work, then we can’t jury it, and you will be automatically rejected.


Cecil Con staff will contact you of your immediate acceptance or placement on our waitlist by November 15th, 2018. Accepted artists and authors will then be sent an invoice via Paypal and must pay their table fee by the payment deadline of November 30th. Cash and check payment options are available but subject to the same payment deadline. If payment is not made by this date then the space will be given to someone on our waitlist.

Table & Payment Information

  • A 6′ Artist/Author table is $45

Please Note: This year if you would like an 8′ table or 10′ x 10′ Deluxe Vendor space you must fill out the vendor application and you will be classified as such.

Once an artist/author has been accepted they will be sent a link for online payment via Paypal. DO NOT send payment until you have received an official acceptance notification and invoice from the Cecil Con Board. Payment is also accepted as checks, see details below.


Table fees are non-refundable after December 15th and can be paid online via invoice or by mail as a check. If you pay and cancel before December 15th you will be reimbursed your full table amount. If you cancel after December 15th you will not receive a refund.

Convention Passes

Each table or space comes with two and only two convention passes. If you would like additional passes you can purchase more when you come in for setup. Cecil College students, faculty, and staff, persons over the age of 65, and children under 3 have free admission.

Cecil College students are permitted a free table or space at the convention, however, they must still fill out an application form online like everyone else to be juried. They must also adhere to all of the other guidelines set forth.

Other payment types:

– Check payable to: Cecil College

And mailed to or dropped off at:

Cecil College Elkton Station
Attn: Shawn Markey
107 Railroad Avenue
Elkton, MD, 21921

General Artist & Author Alley Information

The Artist/Author Alley is located inside of the Phys Ed building, first floor, in the gym.


It is the responsibility of the artist/author and their helper to keep an eye on their table/space and merchandise during their time at our convention. Cecil Con staff will be on duty and making rounds during the convention at all times but we will not be able to sit at tables to relieve artists/authors. We strongly encourage you to bring a table helper if you feel you will need relief. Cecil College assumes no responsibility for injuries, missing items, or damages at any time.

Wall Displays

Because of facility regulations, special approved tape must be used to tape things to the walls of any College building. If you have wall space and wish to display something on the wall you MUST check with the Cecil Con staff before doing so. Due to the set up of the Artist/Author Alley, not all tables may have an actual wall behind them.


Outlets are only provided for those Artists/Authors who request it. We do our best to provide power to tables that make a request for it, but it may not be guaranteed. However, if a participant brings an extension cord and power strip we may be able to make power accessible to your table even if it’s not immediately placed by an outlet.

Table Setup & Display Information

Setup & Times

Thursday, April 11th from 3pm-7pm
Friday, April 12th from 12pm-7pm
Saturday, April 13th from 7am-9:30am

Artists/Authors must setup their space or table before the convention opens its doors to attendees at 10am on April 13th. The Artist/Author Alley is ONLY OPEN SATURDAY from 10-6pm. Please choose one of the times listed above for setup. At Cecil Con 2018 we had many artists and authors cutting it close, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of an early setup date. The gym is monitored by Cecil Con staff and security at all times and the doors are locked each night and morning until Cecil Con staff arrives.

Table “Break Down”

All artist/author tables must be cleaned up, dismantled or “broken down” by 8pm on Saturday, April 13th.

Table Helpers

Each artist/author is permitted to have 1 additional helper at their table. Artists/Authors are not permitted to have more than 1 additional helper behind their table during the convention. This helper counts as 1 of your 2 provided wristbands.

Business License Info

You will not need to present a business license to Cecil Con. We trust that those who are applying as an artist/author have taken care of the necessary paperwork on their part. It is your responsibility to handle tax information.

Mature Content

Cecil Con is a family convention open to all ages and therefore mature content is not allowed. If you are unsure about any art pieces please check with the Cecil Con staff to make sure it is acceptable for our convention.


Music is generally not permitted to be played from table spaces, however, please check with the Cecil Con staff the day of the convention. We will in turn check with those around you to see if it is acceptable to your table mates. Explicit lyrics are forbidden. All music, if allowed, must be appropriate for all audiences.

NEW: Abandoned Table Policy

If there is still an empty table by 9:30am on Saturday, April 13th and the artist/author has not contacted Meredith@cecil-con.com, their table will be considered abandoned. At that point, their table will be offered at the rate for that size table on a first-come, first-served basis. Meaning that if you are on the waitlist you are welcome to come to the con as a “Stand By” artist to claim an abandoned table.

– Abandoned tables cannot be reclaimed, and neither credit nor refund will be given for abandoned tables.

– The “Stand By” lineup will be located on the Phys Ed Building 1st Floor in the Hallway directly behind registration. Line up may start at 9am.

– Abandoned tables will be sold as standard tables (regular rates apply).

Loading/Unloading Areas

Overview of the Location

The Artist Alley/Vendor’s Hall is located inside of the Phys Ed building, first floor, in the gym. To access the unloading area, drive to the backside of the Phys Ed building. There will be an area clearly marked with Cecil Con staffers there to help you unload, simply let them know if you have a small or large setup. You DO NOT want to be stuck with the larger setups if you don’t have one.

For Smaller Setups

A smaller setup consists of a few boxes, totes, or suitcases of items that are easily transported by a few people. If you can move your items into the gym with only 1 or 2 trips you are a smaller setup. Please pull up in the wrap around area outside the door. Because of the layout of the Phys Ed building when you walk inside you will be on the 2nd floor overlooking the gym. Use the stairs immediately to your left, inside the 1st set of doors, to walk down. OR use the elevator located just inside the 2nd set of doors to the left to take merchandise down. Once you have unloaded we will ask you to relocate your vehicle BEFORE you begin to setup your space inside.

For Larger Setups

A larger setup consists of multiple boxes and cases that are not easily transported. They may require more staffers, be very heavy/awkward, and need direct access to the space. We do have a 1st level, direct access doorway into the gym. This drive down area is very tight and staffers will help direct you and your vehicle down. We allow for 1 large setup unloading at a time. Patience is a MUST. We will be there to help and guide you. Once you have unloaded we will ask you to relocate your vehicle BEFORE you begin to setup your space inside.

Countdown to Submission Deadline (Oct 31st @ 8pm)