The Video Game Center is located in the Tech Center, 2nd Floor, in the Conference Center.

Video Game Center

In here you will find showcased video games, student games, open game play areas, video game tournaments, and gaming info booths. This area of the convention is organized and overseen by Game Master Brandon Boas. During the convention if you have any questions you may ask Game Master Brandon.

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Join us at Cecil Con 2018

If you have a game, a studio, a company, or a collection that you would like to showcase then join us!

Video Game Center Application


Tournaments are arranged by bracket. You can enter the bracket by registering early online as well as on the day of the convention from 10-11am. Each bracket is contingent upon how many people register. In order for your tournament to run efficiently we need even numbers of players.

Games Tournaments Available:

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Appropriate Behavior:

Even though this is a gaming environment, you need to keep your personal volume, language, and attitude in check. This is a family-friendly event. There may still be classes happening on other levels of the building and we want to insure that we are able to use this space for future Cecil Cons.

Game Studios Coming to Cecil Con 2018

Founded by three Wilmington University students in January of 2015, Luna Wolf Studios is an independent game studio from Newark, Delaware. They’ve developed numerous games for various platforms and specialize in the Unity 3D game engine. The games they will be showcasing are for a wide variety of platforms including mobile, pc, mac, and web. Some of the games include: Haberdashery, Save Samia, and Fungeon Crawler.

lunawolfThey will have plenty to show and plenty of devices for all to play!

Some of their clients include Legends of Learning, and YouTube celebrity LaToyaForever. They’ve competed in multiple game jams including one sponsored by Cartoon Network out in Portland, Oregon, and have placed 1st in the East Coast Reboot 48-hour game jam for two years in a row! They are a driven team of creative entrepreneurs, artists, and programmers that are always looking out for new talent and clients.

Services they offer include:

– Game development including design, 3D models, sprites, music, code, etc.
– Game publishing and marketing
– Video editing and effects
– Tutoring and teaching for various tools and programming languages.

Website: http://www.lunawolfstudios.com/

Student Games

These are from Cecil College students pursuing the Simulation & Game Design degree or certification. These games are incomplete, maybe only a level or two, and for many, are a first experience with game designing. We encourage attendees to check them out, and give good feedback. These folks are taking a chance on something new and pursuing their dream, let’s encourage that. For more information about this program, check out the description to the right, and click for class details.

Simulation Design and Gaming

The Simulation Design and Gaming degree provides high quality, hands-on, career education in the areas of interactive and 3D design. Students will complete the process of developing 3D animation, visualization, simulation, and interactive experience. The program will prepare students for initial employment, career advancement, and transfer to four-year colleges and universities.