Game Master
Brandon Boas



January 15, 2019

Table Details:

A 6’x 1.5′ table* that
comes with 2 chairs
and 2 passes.

* These tables are narrow and we will do our best to double up for you but please keep this in mind and plan ahead.


Welcome to the information page for video game booths here at Cecil Con 2019. Below is information about participating at our convention. Video Game Booths are FREE to those individuals, organizations , and studios that wish to promote their alpha/beta games, finished games, and demos. This type of space is NOT for selling merchandise. Applications are online only. Please read through everything before applying and don’t hesitate to contact us to ask any questions that may not already be addressed below.

Selection Information


All video game applications are reviewed by the Cecil Con staff and Game Master Brandon. We have a more limited number of video game booths so we encourage you to apply early. These booths are to promote game studios and their creations.

After the application is received Cecil Con staff will immediately deliberate and inform the main contact person of acceptance, as long as space permits. If space fills up at our convention prior to receiving your application you will be placed on the waitlist. If there are any dropouts at any time before the convention we will contact the next group on the waitlist to fill the space.

We ask that you fill out the form in its entirety. Please make sure you do not skip over any questions. Please include a photo of a past booth setup, a link to your website, and a detailed description of the information you’d like to share.

General Video Game Booth Information

The Video Game Center has a NEW home in the Tech Center on the 2nd floor, in the main conference room.


It is the responsibility of the video game booth main contact person and their helper to keep an eye on their table/space during their time at our convention. Cecil Con staff will be on duty and making rounds during the convention at all times but we will not be able to sit at tables to relieve you. We strongly encourage you to bring a table helper if you feel you will need relief. Cecil College assumes no responsibility for injuries, missing items or damages at any time. Please secure your devices if you feel this will be an issue.

Wall Displays

Because of facility regulations, special approved tape must be used to tape things to the walls of any College building. If you have wall space and wish to display something on the wall you MUST check with the Cecil Con staff before doing so. Due to the set up of the Gaming Center, not all tables may have an actual wall behind them.


Outlets will be provided for all video gaming booths. We recommend bringing an extension cord and power strip so that your table is powered.

Table Setup & Display Information

Setup & Times

Friday, April 12th from 12pm-7pm
Saturday, April 13th from 7am-9:30am

Video game booths must setup their table before the convention opens its doors to attendees at 10am on April 13th. Please choose one of the times listed above for setup.

Table “Break Down”

All video game booth tables must be cleaned up, dismantled or “broken down” by 8pm on the day of the convention.

Table Helpers

Each video game booth is permitted to have 1 additional helper at their table. Video game booth participants are not permitted to have more than 1 additional helper behind their table during the convention.

Mature Content

Cecil Con is a family convention open to all ages and therefore mature content is not allowed. If you are unsure about any information please check with the Cecil Con staff to make sure it is acceptable for our convention.


We understand that music and sound may be a part of your game however we ask that you keep your volume reasonable, or bring headphones for you booth. Explicit language is forbidden at Cecil Con as this is a family friendly event.

Loading/Unloading Areas

Overview of the Location

The Video Game Center is located in the main conference room of the Tech Center, on the second floor.


To access the unloading area, drive to the backside of the Technology Center (turn right as you enter the college, and drive down to the left). There will be a Cecil Con staffer there to direct traffic down to the unloading door. Because it is a tighter turn around area we only let down a few vehicles at a time. Cecil Con staffers there to help you unload, and direct you up to the conference room, simply let them know if you need assistance. Once you have unloaded we ask that you move your vehicle to the parking lot BEFORE you begin your setup. It is imperative that you do so, or else your vehicle will seriously be in the way.


For our purposes, the individual submitting the application will be the main contact person leading up to Cecil Con 2019. Additional advertisement on our con website, or in our convention booklet can be purchased, simply request an Ad Rates Form and/or view our sponsorship options. Thank you!

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Game Studio/Organization (required)

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Video Game Booth tables are FREE, and include one 6' x 1.5' table, 2 chairs, 2 event passes, and a listing on the website, a shoutout on social media, and a listing in the convention booklet. Monitors and systems will not be provided, so please bring your own. All applications will be reviewed by Game Master Brandon within a week of submission. The event space has free wi-fi for all. This type of space is for displaying games and interacting purposes only, it is not for the sale of any items. If you would like to sell items please fill out either the Vendor’s Hall or Artist Alley form.

Description of your organization.

What kind of organization are you?.

What kind of systems will you be bringing?.
PCXboxPlayStationMobile (Android)Mobile (iOS)VRRetroNone

Electricity is provided for free. No extra charge. Please bring your own extension cords / power strip.

Special table/space requirements?

Photo of table setup. (if available)

Convention Booklet Description
Short info paragraph about the game/organization/convention/etc. suitable for the convention booklet, website, or social media.

Links to Social Media. List as many as you want.
These will also be mentioned on the con website and social media.

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By entering your name below you are signing that you agree to the above terms and conditions set forth for having a table/space at Cecil Con 2019.