2019 Vendors

Angela McKendrick - Vendor Hall - Cecil Con North East MD

Angela McKendrick Studios Pop Culture Propaganda

She’s been selling her Propaganda themed art at conventions up and down the east coast for over 5 years.

Bri Mercedes Art - Cecil Con Vendor Hall

Bri Mercedes Art

Freelance artist and pun merchant Bri Mercedes Weidner wants to put a smile on your face.

Cloudia Tattoo - Vendor Hall - Cecil Con North East MD

Cloud Tattoo

Cloudia Hack is a local tattoo artist and painter.

Crosewl-Magic - Cecil Con Vendor Hall

Crosewl Magic

Crosewl Magic provides handmade magic and wizard wands.

Cute 'N Kitschy - Cecil Con Vendor Hall

Cute ‘N Kitschy

Selling cute, kitsch and often geeky items.  Kelly has been working with polymer clay for over 25 years.

Druid Chains - Cecil Con Vendor Hall

Druid Chains

Druid Chains is more than just an online boutique filled with exquisite earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and accessories.

Eternal-Lore-Games - Cecil Con Vendor Hall

Eternal Lore Games LLC

We are a tabletop hobby shop owned by individuals in the town of North East.

Fantasist Enterprises - Cecil Con Vendor Hall

Fantasist Enterprises

Fantasist Enterprises is a small press dedicated to illustrated fantasy and horror.

Faux-Paw-Fur - Cecil Con Vendor Hall

Faux Paw Fur

Spooky handmade accessories, because it’s Halloween somewhere!


Formal Dress Optional

We’re a travelling shadowcast that performs The Rocky Horror Picture Show all around Delaware and the surrounding states.

Game Trade Media - Cecil Con Vendor Hall

Game Trade Media

Game Trade Media is the video production and content creation hub for Alliance Game Distributors.

Generation-Otaku - Cecil Con Vendor Hall

Generation Otaku

Delaware’s dedicated Japanese Anime Store located in Wilmington Delaware.

Kitty Geek - Cecil Con Vendor Hall

Kitty Geek

Kitty Geek makes handmade plushies and will do custom orders of your pets or favorite animal!

Meyow Studio - Cecil Con Vendor Hall

Meyow Studio

Visit Meyow Studio for prints of original Copic art, custom cosplay pet portraits, artist designed embroidered gifts and geeky pet toys.

Miniature Inspirations - Cecil Con Vendor Hall

Miniature Inspirations

Miniature Inspirations specializes in selling handmade miniature needle felt fiber sculptures of animals, characters, people, food, and more.

Nerd-Elysium - Cecil Con Vendor Hall

Nerd Elysium

Retro and contemporary anime and video game merchandise.

No Ducks Were Harmed - Cecil Con Vendor Hall

No Ducks Were Harmed

A pair of siblings with a dream of pop culture greatness.

Opio-Pop-Culture-World Cecil Con Vendor Hall

Opio’s Pop Culture World

I create Mixed Media creation of various genres such as Horror, anime, superheroes and others.

PLB Comics - Cecil Con Vendor Hall

PLB Comics

PLB Comics is an independent group of artists and writers based on the Eastern Shore of MD with contributing artists and writers all over the world.

Pupcakes and Cupcats - Cecil Con Vendor Hall

Pupcakes and Cupcats

Specializing in ultra adorable pillow plush, accessories and apparel- we’re your one stop shop for sugar frosted cute!

Random Tail - Cecil Con Vendor Hall

Random Tail

My alias is Random Tail & I am a former member of the Geekdom Club, who designed the Cecil Con icon.

Silverclutch Games - Vendor Hall - Cecil Con North East, MD

Silverclutch Games

Founded in 2015. From the experienced veteran of D&D to the newcomer who played monopoly as a kid, we design our games first and foremost to be fun and easy to learn.

Snazzy Yarn - Cecil Con Vendor Hall

Snazzy Yarn

Mary Heywood-Grimm crochets cute plushies both big and small, each one brimming with whimsy and charm.

Buz Hasson Corpse Crew Cecil Con Vendor Hall

The Living Corpse comic

Buz Hasson is the Artist/Co-Creator of The Living Corpse comic corpse-crew.net

The Maroon Hornet - Cecil Con Vendor Hall

The Maroon Hornet Comics & Collectibles

The Maroon Hornet is a  comic book and collectibles store located in Oxford, PA.

Voidbug - Cecil Con Vendor Hall


I am an independent artist obsessed with the surreal, strange, and occasionally the macabre.

Weeaboo-USA - Cecil Con Vendor Hall

Weeaboo USA

Weeaboo USA carries a variety of anime goods, such as figurines, keychains, plush, and more!