The Tabletop Game Center is located in the Phys Ed building on the 1st Floor.

Tabletop Game Center

In here you will find showcased games, demo games, and open game play areas. All events, tournaments, and game play in this room is being organized by Game Master Matt Lowder. During the convention if you have any questions about card or board gaming you may ask Game Master Matt.

2019 Tabletop Game Center Sponsor:


This year’s Tabletop Game Center is sponsored by Bel Air Games from Bel Air, Maryland. They opened in May of 2014 to give gamers of all ages and flavors a large, fun, family-friendly environment for enjoying your favorite games. They strive to present a constantly changing selection of new games and gaming items for your purchase, while stocking your favorites to the best of our ability.

They are bringing a plethora of games to demo, with staff on hand to help you learn the game play on the day of the convention. They will also have several games for purchase, so if you really liked a game you played you are welcome to purchase a new copy right then and there.

Bel Air Games’ Website: http://belairgames.com/

The BIG Board Game Giveaway

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Sign up between now and April 12th to enter to win a HUGE bundle of modern board games and card games worth over $150! For an additional bonus entry, demo at least 1 game at the Tabletop Game Center on Saturday April 13th. Winner announced at Tabletop Game Center at 5pm

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