Spectrum Entertainment is a breath of fresh air, we provide interesting and new entertainment for you. At this event we are providing martial arts, comedy, and magic. We have a spectrum of performers, caterers and event planners we work with. We are excited to be here at Cecil Con, see you soon.

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We have a table setup in the Outdoor Marketplace with more information about our acts, prints, and more. Drop by to say hi!

Performance Times:

11:30-12pm Magic with U the Magician

12:30-1pm Weapons Demo

1:30-2pm Eric Cartman for real (Comedy Act)

2:10-2:50pm Hypnotism with U the Magician


Jesse Crandall a.k.a. U the Magician

U the magician is a performer with over 10 years of experience. Join him as he probes your psyche and questions the reality we perceive.

Performance Times:

My routine is half magic, half mentalism and very bizarre. We are exploring the psyche, and question reality, as we dive deep into whether or not we can truly trust our own memories. I have a secret to tell you, we can not but we do.

11:30-12pm Magic
2:10-2:50pm Hypnotism



Arthur Stump a.k.a. Eric Cartman for real

I’m Eric Cartman for real.
I’m just a small supple child from South Park, Colorado.
I’m the best around & everyone wants to be my friend, I’m the coolest.

Performance Time:

An in character (as Eric Cartman) critique of anything he feels like critiquing at the time.

1:30-2pm Meet Cartman



Christian Thompson a.k.a. The Yeah Yeah Ninja

I’m Christian Thompson, some call me the yeah yeah Ninja. I’ve been doing martial arts my whole life. I have two national titles one in staff and the other in three section staff. I train every day. My goal is to have the largest collection of unique weapons and have performed with them all. Come see me at Cecil Con, to see me in action.

Performance Time:

Weapon demos, choreographed to music. I use meteor hammers, staffs, swords, and anything else I can get my hands on.

12:30-1pm Weapons Demo