Photobooth Info

A team of professional photographers will be taking cosplay photographs of our attendees at the official Cecil Con 2017 Photobooth. Prints will NOT be produced on location this year. Instead, we will email each attendee ALL of their photos that they had taken on the night of the convention. You must provide your name and email at the time of your photo in order to receive your images later that evening.

Cost of Photos for Individual $3

Cost of Photos for Group $5

Maximum Number of Attendees per Photo

Groups of no more than 6 attendees

Size of Photobooth backdrop

10’ in height, 10’ in width

Hours of operation


Photobooth Rules

All photobooth equipment is borrowed from Cecil College and Grunge Muffin Designs. We ask that all attendees be respectful and mindful of their behavior on or around the Photobooth area and equipment.

•   Absolutely no roughhousing or goofing around in this area of the convention.

•   This equipment is to be used by paying customers only.

•   Even though these images will be paid for, they still need to be appropriate for the convention. No suggestive or vulgar gestures or poses are allowed. If you’re unsure, ask.

•   No sharp props that may rip or tear the backdrop.

•   No liquids, open containers, paint, glitter, etc. We want to keep the backdrop clean and usable for other attendees. If you’re wearing body paint then you must do a standing pose.

•   No muddy shoes. Please make use of the bathrooms before stepping onto the backdrop.