These are the times and descriptions of all panels being hosted at this year’s con. The schedule is subject to change as the date of the con approaches. All panels are kid friendly and open to all attendees.


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If you would like to host a panel at the convention then please fill out the application. We’d like to have you attend to make Cecil Con a success!


Room A (Tech Center: Room 216)

Becoming a Top Player

Time: 11-11:50am
Category: Video Gaming

Meet two of the top players of Rivals of Aether, an online indie game similar to Super Smash Brothers. CakeAssault and Penguin (16 and 15), two of the youngest players, tell their story – from learning to play the game to traveling around the country to compete in (and WIN!) major tournaments.

Panelists: Alex Strobel and Ethan Drake

The Joys and Perils of Making Indie Games

Time: 12-12:50pm
Category: Video Gaming

Make games? Want to make games? Like a good laugh? Then this panel is for you! Come by and listen to local independent game developers tell tales of sorrow and success while following their dreams of creating video games!

Panelists: Jeremy Bregermann, Ben Cutler, Ryan Yearsley, Julia Holdnack
Luna Wolf Studios has a table in the Video Game Center with games to demo. Stop by and visit them!

How to Program the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

Time: 1-1:50pm
Category: Video Gaming

All the evil robot masters have been defeated and the princess has been saved. It’s 30 years later. Are you ready for a new quest? If so, come learn the basics of programming the NES; the language, the tools, the community, the successes, and the pitfalls. Turn you childhood dream into reality! Warning: The journey could be treacherous for those who haven’t brushed up on their binary and hexadecimal, so please read your strategy guides beforehand.

Panelist: Eric George

Cecil Con Panel Heavy Key StudiosStarting an Indie Game Company

Time: 2-2:50pm
Category: Video Games

Heavy Key Studios wants to give aspiring game studios and enthusiasts an idea on how it was like to start a gaming company from the ground up. This humorous academic panel will give valuable and educational information that will be presented in a laid-back podcast approach. During the end of the panel, Heavy Key will take questions from the audience and if time allows, play a round of their game Heavy Blades with a guest.

Panelist: Adam Campbell, Jesse LaVigne, and Thiago de Oliveria

The Ways of Artrepreneurship: Turning Your Passion in Purpose

Time: 3-3:20pm
Category: Art, Business

Are you an artrepreneur? Do you love making games? Craft pieces? Or cosplay? Do you want to learn how to run a start-up from conception to market? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you will absolutely not want to miss out on this panel. Jemarc “The Gamer Guide” will be teaching you the ways of leanentrepreneurship and how to fail fast, and sufficiently, so you can pave the way to success.

Panelist: Jemarc “The Gamer Guide” Axinto

Room B (Phys Ed, 2nd Floor)

A Voltron Panel!

Time: 11-11:50am
Category: Sci Fi

Take five space explorers, add a dash of royalty and a pinch of humor, stir well and form Voltron. This panel will take a look at the history of the franchise. From its beginnings in 1984 to the reboot that’s taking the fandom by storm. Plus, all the versions in between. So activate those interlocks, connect your dynotherms, make sure your infracels are up, and point your mega-thrusters to go.

This is a fun panel that looks at the 30 year history of the Voltron Franchise. We will have fun and hopefully have the audience learn something along the way.

Panelists: Marika Levine, Nicole Donahue, and Alexandra Plasse

Cecil Con Cosplay Contest Judge Krissy VictoryCosplay Diversity

Time: 12-12:20pm
Category: Cosplay

Bullying and Discrimination, trust me I’ve been there too! I will talk about my story and how I overcame harassment for cosplaying my favorite characters and steps to having a positive mental mind state to continue enjoying cosplaying.

Panelist: Krissy Victory
Krissy has a table in the Artist/Author Alley with prints available for purchase. She is also the Cosplay Judge for the Teens/Tween/Kids Cosplay Contest portion!

YOU Are What Makes You Great: Gender identity, sexuality, and body positivity in Cosplay

Time: 12:30-1:20pm
Category: Cosplay

Join us as we discuss our triumphs of overcoming fear and personal insecurities through the empowerment of Cosplay and the Cosplay community. Please feel safe and free to come with your stories to tell us!

Panelists: Sharon Rose, Christian Conaway, Kati Coe
Meet these incredible cosplayers during the Cosplay Contests or in the Artist Alley/Dealer’s Room where they will each have a table!

Anatomy of a Fight Scene

Time: 1:30-1:50pm
Category: Creative Writing

Ever thought the D&D Campaign you’ve played in would make a great novel?

It probably wouldn’t.

But there are things the game can teach you about writing gripping, memorable fight scenes. Join fantasy novelist Daniel M. Ford to learn the principles you can carry from your RPG experience into the crafting of fiction.

Panelist: Daniel M. Ford
Dan has a table in the Artist/Author Alley with books available for sale and signings. Stop by and visit him!

Haiku and Beyond, a History of Japanese Poetry

Time: 2-2:50pm
Category: Creative Writing

Most people have heard of the Haiku, but Japanese poetry had a history of over 1000 years before the Haiku took the form we know it as today. The publishers of Local Gems Press will explore the history of Japanese poetry and discuss the forms.

Panelists: James P. Wagner, Nick Hale
Local Gems Press has a table in the Artist/Author Alley with books available for sale and signings. Stop by and visit them!

Hook ‘Em From the Start: The Power of Your Tale’s First Line

Time: 3-3:50pm
Category: Creative Writing

We love the stories we’re writing and we can’t wait for folks to read them. But how long are you planning to make your readers wait, until you give them something powerfully interesting to think about? Even the very first line of a full-length novel can accomplish many things for you, as you fight for attention against all the distractions in the reader’s life. Don’t wait! Make the first page turn by itself, powered by an unforgettable first line.

Panelist: Will Hahn
Will has a table in the Artist/Author Alley with books available for sale and signings. Stop by and visit him!