Kid’s Corner Coordinator
Steve Voguel

Web Master & Event Coordinator
Meredith S. K. Boas

Phone: 443-252-2800

Cecil College
Lifelong Learning Director
Shawn Markey

Phone: 443-907-1451

If you would like to contribute an event idea to the convention then please send us an email. We’d like to hear your suggestions to make Cecil Con a success!


Kid's Cosplay Contest Cecil Con North East MD

These activities are intended for the kids who come to our convention. Please keep in mind that parents and guardians must be with their children under the age of sixteen at all times. Cecil Con staff is not responsible for watching over any children. Thank you!

There is a Kid’s Cosplay Contest @ 1pm!
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Kids: Entrants aged 4-8 years old.
Tweens: Entrants aged 9-12 years old.
Teens: Entrants aged 13-17 years old.

Quidditch Cecil Con North East MD

Quidditch! (Ages 6-13)

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Relive your favorite moments from the movie and play Quidditch! Kids will be put into teams and the rules will be explained before the game starts. Broomsticks and penny’s will be provided. Kids can enjoy the game by playing with friends and trying to win!

There are 3 break out sessions (30-45 minutes each):

11-11:30am in the Courtyard!
1-1:30pm in the Courtyard!
3-3:30pm in the Courtyard!

Station 1: Video Games

Who wants to play video games?? Enjoy computer games, ps4 games, and the Nintendo Wii games all for kids. We will play various games related to Minecraft, Mario, Pokemon, and DragonBall Z.

Station 2: Pokemon

 Pokemon Cecil ConChildren will come in and make tissue paper poke balls that can be taken home. The finished craft can be put on your window and it glows when the sun hits it.

Station 3: Comic Heroes

Comic Heros Cecil ConChildren will get to make a mask of there favorite superhero that they can wear during the convention. Also during this station there will be a mini photo booth where you can put your head into a hole to create a funny picture.

Station 4: Comic Art

 Make Comics at Cecil Con North East MDChildren get to make their own mini version of there own comic book. Coloring and paper supplies will be provided!