January 15, 2019

Table Details:

An 8ft table that
comes with 2 chairs
and 2 passes


Welcome to the information page for info booths here at Cecil Con 2019. Below is information about participating at our convention. Info Booths are FREE to those individuals/organizations that wish to promote their convention/event/organization/game/etc. by sharing information. This type of space is NOT for selling merchandise. Applications are ONLINE ONLY this year. Please read through everything before applying and don’t hesitate to contact us to ask any questions that may not already be addressed below.

Selection Information

Applications are Closed

General Info Booth Information


It is the responsibility of the vendor to secure their table/space and merchandise during the allotted set-up time and convention hours. Cecil College and Cecil Con associates assume no responsibility for vendor tables, merchandise, injuries, or damages.

Wall Displays

If you  wish to display something on the wall, please confirm with the Cecil Con associates before doing so.


Electricity is only provided for those vendors who request it. Participants may bring extension cords or power strips to access electricity.

Table Setup & Display Information

Setup & Times

Thursday, April 11th from 3pm-7pm
Friday, April 12th from 12pm-7pm
Saturday, April 13th from 7am-9:30am

Vendors must set up their space or table by 10am on April 13th. The Vendor Alley is ONLY OPEN SATURDAY from 10-6pm.

Table “Break Down”

All vendor tables must be cleaned up, dismantled or “broken down” by 8pm on Saturday, April 13th.

Table Helpers

Each vendor is permitted to have 1 additional helper at their table.

Mature Content

Cecil Con is a family convention open to all ages and therefore mature content is not allowed.


Music is not permitted during convention hours.

Loading/Unloading Areas

Overview of the Location

The Artist Alley/Vendor’s Hall is located inside of the Phys Ed building, first floor, in the gym. To access the unloading area, drive to the rear of the Phys Ed building. Cecil Con associates are available to help you unload; let them know if you have a small or large setup.