2019 Special Guests

The Angry Video Game Nerd

YouTube Personality

James Rolfe (AVGN) is considered one of the pioneers of internet review videos, being highly influential on the style and format of subsequent video reviewers as well as being responsible for helping to bring the concept into the mainstream. (YouTube videos may contain Adult Language)


Erin Dean

Author of ‘For the Love of Board Games’

For the Love of Board Games is Erin’s first book and was kick started in 24 hours! Stories in this book come from some of the industry’s biggest board game designers.

Sharon Rose Cosplay - Special Guest - Cecil Con North East MD


Cosplayer, Contest Judge

Sharon Rose is a Pennsylvanian cosplayer, curvy model, published author and artist, comics lover, reading enthusiast, and all-around geek girl known for her EVA foam armor crafting, props, and paint detail work.

Jason Hettel - Steampunk Batman - Special Guest - Cecil Con North East MD

Steampunk’d Batman

Cosplayer, Contest Judge

Jason has been involved in many aspects of the art community since childhood. His career in the arts community has included, but has not been limited to his scenic artwork in the theater, film, and commercials.

501st Legion - Star Wars - Cecil Con North East MD

501st Legion

Cosplay Organization

The 501st Legion is a worldwide Star Wars costuming organization comprised of and operated by Star Wars fans. The Old Line Garrison is a chapter of The 501st Legion representing the State of Maryland and Washington, DC.

Christian Conaway Cosplay - Special Guest - Cecil Con North East MD


Cosplayer, Contest Judge

Chris cosplays not only for his love of all things nerdy, but for body positivity and LGBTQ inclusivity. His passion for teaching and learning blossoms when it comes to the Cosplay community—don’t be shy in asking him questions.

Kati Coe Cosplay - Special Guest - Cecil Con North East MD

Kati Coe Cosplay

Cosplayer, Contest Emcee

Kati Coe is a cosplayer, toy hunter, and supporter of all things nerdy. She has been featured on numerous media sites, including NerdCaliber, and Marvel.com, and has also appeared on the AMC series Comic Book Men.