2018 Special Guests


First State Potion Masters (Harry Potter Alliance)

The Harry Potter Alliance is a global non-profit that seeks to empower fans to act like the heroes they love to make the world a better place. The First State Potion Masters is the Delaware chapter of the HPA and our mission is to mobilize fans across the state toward issues of literacy, equality, and human rights. Our goal is to make civic engagement exciting by channeling the entertainment-saturated facets of our culture toward mobilization for deep and lasting social change.


501st Legion - Cecil Con 2018

Old Line Garrison, 501st Legion

The 501st Legion is a worldwide Star Wars costuming organization comprised of and operated by Star Wars fans. The Old Line Garrison is a chapter of The 501st Legion representing the State of Maryland and Washington, DC. The 501st Legion is the worlds premier Imperial costuming club, dedicated to accurate and professional-level costuming of antagonist characters from the Star Wars universe.

Although they represent the antagonists and ‘villains’ from the Star Wars universe, the 501st Legion has a shining reputation as ‘Bad Guys Doing Good’, and they pride ourselves upon their mission to lend their visibility to charitable events and community service throughout our area of responsibility. They also enjoy attending local science fiction conventions and assisting Lucasfilm with Star Wars promotions.



Sharon Rose Cecil Con Cosplay Contest Judge


Cosplayer: Sharon Rose

Sharon Rose is a Pennsylvanian cosplayer, curvy model, published author and artist, comics lover, reading enthusiast, and all-around geek girl. Known for her EVA foam armor crafting, props, and paint detail work, she has been featured on the cover of Cosplay Culture magazine and in numerous geek culture media sites, including Marvel.com and Geeks Are Sexy.

Sharon is a Cosplay and Comics page model and an ambassador for Big Beautiful Cosplayers. She is a vocal advocate for cosplay inclusivity and body positivity. Sharon is also a member of the Central PA Avengers, a nonprofit volunteer team of cosplayers who partner with hospitals, charity groups, and community organizations to bring smiles to kids and adults alike!

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Sharon is judging the Adult Individual Cosplay Contest
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Cecil Con Cosplay Contest Judge Krissy Victory


Cosplayer: Krissy Victory

Hailing from outside of Detroit, Michigan, Krissy Victory is a woman of many passions, including acting, modeling, Korean culture, and cosplay. She is best known for her Star Wars Finn cosplay that was praised by actor John Boyega and her widely circulated D. Va cosplay. Krissy breaks barriers for black cosplayers to feel confident and secure cosplaying the characters they want to represent.

Krissy is judging the Teens & Kids Cosplay Contest
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Kati Coe Cosplay

Kati Coe is a cosplayer, toy hunter, and supporter of all things nerdy. She has been featured on numerous media sites, including NerdCaliber, and Marvel.com, and has also appeared on the AMC series Comic Book Men. As the co-owner of Red Bandana, a toy/comics/video game shop, she loves attending conventions where she is able to meet other enthusiastic advocates of geek culture. Well known for her willingness to help others, she frequently hosts instructive panels that highlight tips and tricks for cosplay construction. As a guest for many East Coast conventions, she has often voiced her support of inclusivity within the community, hoping to help build a strong foundation of acceptance for all.

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Katie is the Emcee of the Fashion Show
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C3Cosplay Cecil Con Cosplay Contest Judge


Cosplayer: Christian Conaway

Chris cosplays not only for his love of all things nerdy, but for body positivity and LGBTQ inclusivity. His passion for teaching and learning blossoms when it comes to the Cosplay community—don’t be shy in asking him about EVA foam forming techniques or the best way to keep a strapless mask on your face (hint: it’s not super glue).

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Christian is judging the Fashion Show
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Cosplayer: John Call

The Predator suit worn by John, was created by Gene from Aliens-FX. Gene also made a suit for Jamie Hall, who became The Predator. Jamie is the nephew of Kevin Peter Hall, the person everyone knows for playing the original “Predator” back in 1987 with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The suit that was made for Jamie, was in tribute to Kevin.

Gene, and all of the remaining FX crew from the original movie got together as an Anniversary to the film and had a BIG presentation at an event in California for Jamie Hall. It was an amazing event for them to relive it all over again!!!

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