Cecil Con Staff

Web Master & Event Coordinator
Meredith S. Keating

Phone: 443-252-2800

Cecil College
Shawn Markey

Phone: 443-907-1451

If you would like to contribute any ideas to the convention then please send us an email. We’d like to hear your suggestions to make Cecil Con a success!


What is Cecil Con?

Cecil Con is a public, family-friendly, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and gaming convention at Cecil College. We have panels, workshops, special guests, an Artist Alley/Dealer’s Room, a Card & Board Game Center (with tournaments), a Video Game Center (with tournaments), a cosplay photo area, cosplay contests, kid’s corner, and more! Admission is $5, and it’s FREE for Cecil College Students, children under the age of 5 and persons over the age of 55. ID’s will be checked at registration. Come on out and help us celebrate all things geeky!

What are the food options at Cecil Con?

There will be food and drink available for purchase in the Seahawk Roost Cafe located on the 1st floor in the Tech Center (main convention), vending machines with drinks and snacks available, PLUS a ‘Maryland in a Can’ food truck located just outside of the library. No outside Food or Drink will be permitted inside the convention.

Maryland in a Can

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 12.36.04 AMMaryland in a Can is a mobile kitchen making farm to table sandwiches and soups. Their produce is purchased locally and all bread is made daily by a local bake shop! Here’s a few of the items they have: cheese steak sandwiches, chicken noodle soup, Maryland crap soup, creamy asparagus and shrimp soup, crab cake sandwich, chicken and crab combo sandwich, fish sandwich, po’boys, french fries, fried squash and zucchini, coleslaw, and more! They take cash and credit/debit.

Vegan/Vegetarian: The Grinder (Portobello mushroom, local peppers, local red onions, provolone cheese, and fresh roll). Vegans hold the cheese! Also french fries, and fried squash and zucchini. This sandwich is huge and a staff favorite!

If you do not like the food options available at Cecil Con, we encourage you to visit the nearby options close to the campus.

Options Across the Street:
– Fox Hollow (cafe)
– Hunan Wok (chinese food)
– Pizza Hut

Right Down the Road (turn left leaving the college):
– Denny’s

Can I purchase items using cash, check, credit or debit card?

We strongly encourage attendees to have cash on hand. There are ATMs on site; however, we have no control over whether they work! Artists and vendors may accept credit or debit cards at their booth but it’s not a guarantee. Cash is always a safe bet. The cafe also accepts credit and debit cards.

What is available for purchase?

There are plenty of items available for purchase in our Artist Alley and Vendor’s Room such as artwork, crafts, commissioned artwork, books, buttons, posters, ornaments, jewelry, official merchandise, fan art and more! Please bring cash on hand as not all artists and vendors may be able to accept debit/credit cards. Please note that some workshops may require a small Materials fee.

Am I allowed to come in costume?

Yes, absolutely! Costumes are welcome and encouraged, but please read our rules to adhere to guidelines for what is considered appropriate cosplay at our convention. We also have multiple Costume Contests happening the day of the convention. Click here to Register.

How do I get to Cecil Con, and where do I park?

Cecil Con is held on the Cecil College North East, MD campus. There are events happening in a few different buildings on campus. The main convention (cosplay contests, workshops, panels, anime, kid’s corner, Looney Labs) is in the Tech Center. The video gaming is in the new Math & Engineering building, and Card & Board Gaming (plus extra anime) is in the Library. There is also an Outdoor Marketplace in the main courtyard which is the axis of the convention. You can find directions to the college and a campus map here.

Also, if you would like to program your own GPS device please use the address below:
Cecil College
1 Seahawk Drive
North East, MD 21901

Cecil College has a very expansive parking lot. We encourage you to bring a comfortable back up pair of sneakers to walk around our convention, as our campus has recently grown and the walkways can be long.

Everything is handicap accessible!

I’m in the Artist, Author, or Vendor, where can I unload my items?

Artist, Authors, and Vendors have two places where they can unload their items. If you have a smaller more compact setup that is easily carried or wheeled then please use option A. If you have a larger setup or can’t get your setup items in one trip then please use option B.


Artist, Authors, and Vendors may unload their materials in the bus lane in front of the main campus entrance. Please make sure you’re in the lane, or it will be difficult for other vehicles to maneuver around you. Cecil Con staff will be able to help with unloading and transporting materials to the Tech Center (Indoor ArtistAlley/Dealer’s Room) or to the Outdoor Marketplace. There is full ramp and elevator accessibility from either the Arts & Sciences building, or the Library. Once all materials are unloaded then vehicles must be moved to the parking lot. Please avoid marked parking spaces.


Artists, Authors, and Vendors may use the side entrance of the Tech Center to unload their items and bring them into the Tech Center (main convention space). To get to the side entrance please turn right when driving into the college, you will see a Cecil Con Flagger either in a red or green Cecil Con shirt. Please stop and wait for instructions from the Flagger before driving onward. This person has a walkie talkie to communicate with another Flagger at the bottom of the hill. Vehicles must drive down and around to the side entrance, and because it is a narrow area it’s best to only have a few vehicles unloading at a time. If you are worried that you need the maximum time to setup, we recommend coming a little early. You won’t have access to the Tech Center until 8am, but staff will be there at 7am. The Tech Center side entrance door will be labeled. Once items are unloaded please move your vehicle to an actual parking space so that we can clear the space for others to unload.


The indoor Artist/Author Alley and Dealer’s Room is on the Tech Center 2nd floor. If you enter from the campus’s courtyard/Tech Center’s main entrance you will already be on the 2nd floor. If you enter from the Tech Center side entrance you will be on the 1st floor but be able to take a large elevator up to the 2nd floor.


This is located in the campus’s courtyard (quad), an area of four grass sections. Please refer to the map we’ve provided you with to see where you should setup your tent. You will be immediately next to the person to either side of you. Please keep this in mind and work together to ensure everyone can setup properly. Your tents should be facing inward toward one another. The reason for this is to encourage people to walk into the hub of the Outdoor Marketplace to see your wares instead of stealing quick glances from a distant.

I have another question that isn’t listed here. How do I contact you?

Please go to our contact page, fill out the form and send it. No question is too silly and we may post it to benefit others. Thank you!