Cecil College Director of Lifelong Learning
Shawn Markey

Phone: 443-907-1451

Web Master & Event Coordinator
Meredith S. K. Boas

Phone: 443-252-2800

Cecil Con Staff

If you have any ideas to contribute to the convention then please send us an email. We’d like to hear your suggestions to make Cecil Con a success!


– A minor is any person 15 years old and younger.  Minors MUST be accompanied by a paying adult.

– Cosplay is NOT consent. Do not touch or photograph anyone without their express permission.

– Prop weapons are allowed but must adhere to the detailed guidelines below.


Please read over the rules set forth for Cecil Con as dictated by Cecil College guidelines. It is the responsibility of all attendees to read and adhere to these rules while at the convention. Cecil Con staff members reserve the right to ask anyone in violation of the rules to leave the convention grounds immediately.

– No running on Cecil College campus or in the buildings.

– Please sit or stand at the sides of the convention hallways. To cut down on hallway congestion we ask that you don’t stand in the middle of hallways. There are designated areas of the convention for resting. And as a suggestion, if you need to relax, why not try sitting in on a panel or movie?

– We do not allow loud noisemakers, air horns, etc. If a prop is too noisy, we reserve the right to ask you to put it in your car for the remainder of the con. Musical instruments should be used in outside areas.

– Alcohol is strictly prohibited at Cecil Con. We will notify Public Safety in order to confiscate it, and you will be asked to leave immediately.

– Illegal drugs are strictly prohibited at Cecil Con. If you are caught with any, Public Safety will be notified and you will be asked to leave immediately.

– Cecil College is a Smoke-Free Campus. If you must smoke we ask you to leave campus to do so. Smoking in your car in the parking lot is not allowed as you are still on campus.

– Do not roughhouse, play fight, wrestle, or mosh. The ONLY exception to this policy is if you are an invited guest with a special wristband that signifies to Public Safety that you are performing an act.

– No use of profanity. Cecil Con is a family-friendly event and we ask that attendees act accordingly because there are children present. At all times please be aware of your surroundings and any children present.

– Partial or full nudity is not allowed. If Cecil Con staff deems your costume (or lack thereof) inappropriate, we reserve the right to ask you to leave the convention until you are wearing the appropriate amount of clothing. This rule applies to cosplay contest participants and special guests.

– Shoes are required within the convention area. Rollerblades and Heelies are not allowed.

– Shoplifting will not be tolerated. If you are found stealing from other attendees, the Artist Alley/Vendor’s Hall, or anywhere on the campus, you will be reported to the authorities and removed from the convention.

– Do not enter any rooms or areas designated “STAFF ONLY” or “GUESTS ONLY”. These areas are off-limits to attendees.

– Refrain from unwanted physical contact of others (ie, glomping/kissing/hugging without permission). Always ask first! Cosplay is NOT consent.

If Cecil Con staff or Cecil College Public Safety deems your behavior to be inappropriate or disruptive, we reserve the right to ask you to leave.

– All attendees who will be under the age of 16 on the date of the convention must be accompanied by a paying adult.

– There is a designated Kid’s Corner at Cecil Con but any kids (15 and younger) must be with a chaperone, parent, or guardian at all times. The convention staff cannot be held responsible for watching over any children.

– We have Designated Photographers, they will ask permission before taking your photo, but by coming to Cecil Con you consent that you may end up in the background of a photo. These photos may be featured on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Website pages.

– Do not harass guests or attendees for photos. It is proper procedure to first ask if you may take a photo. If they decline, please respect their request. Cosplay is NOT consent.

– Please be considerate when stopping to take photos in the hallway by making the photo op quick and not blocking the main flow of hallway traffic. We would prefer no stopping of any kind in the hallways. There are many outdoor areas that would be great for photos.

We encourage you to come in costume, but for the safety and convenience of the other Cecil Con attendees, your costume must adhere to the following rules. Security reserves the right to inspect items brought to the convention, and to deny costume pieces or weapons they deem dangerous or inappropriate. If you violate any policy, you will be asked to leave. If you have any questions about the policies, please Contact Us.

– All prop weapons must be registered at Registration Desk upon entry to the convention.

– No real weapons are allowed.

– No guns or firearms, of any kind. This includes fake guns and toy guns, regardless of whether they are capable of firing a projectile.

– Nothing that fires a projectile or liquid, or is capable of firing a projectile or liquid, is allowed.

– No flails, nunchucks, or anything on a chain of more than 2 inches is allowed.

– All props must be under 5 feet in length.

– No live steel is permitted, that is, any metal that can take an edge, regardless of whether it is sharp or dull. No metal blades are permitted, regardless of whether they are contained in a sheath.

– Simulated prop weapons (such as swords, axes, knives, maces, spears) made of alternate materials such as plastic, foam, and wood are permitted, provided that they are neither heavy nor sharp enough to be used as a weapon, or pose a real or accidental threat to other attendees.

– Bows are allowed to be strung.

– Any arrows you bring cannot have tips, and must be affixed – arrows should be attached to the quiver and unable to be removed.

– No incendiary items are allowed. Do not bring anything that is capable of burning, exploding, or combustion.

– Masks are allowed; however, they must be easily removable.

– ID is required and must be presented at the front information booth of the Con if you are going to be wearing a mask.

– Signs that are part of your cosplay are permitted. They must be relevant to the cosplay, and no larger than 18 inches by 18 inches (one-and-a-half feet). They cannot contain foul language, unrelated propaganda, or solicitation.

Please be mindful of your costume. Cecil Con is held at Cecil College, not a convention center, and we utilize both classrooms and common areas, so your costume must be able to fit through an average-size door frame, move across carpet, and go up and down stairs. Areas of the building could potentially become crowded, so make sure you can move freely in your costume, and that it won’t cause you or others to stumble, and won’t be damaged if others bump into you. You may pose for photos for reasonable lengths of time, but please do not hinder the flow of traffic through the convention.

Please be mindful of those who are wearing mascot or masked costumes.

When approaching someone in one of these costumes:

– Don’t approach quickly from the sides or back of the costume. People wearing a fluffy animal head, or a helmet, have little to no visibility. 

– Don’t run up and try to hug them with out asking. This can startle the costumer, and may cause harm to multiple people.

– If you see someone who may be in danger of overheating or passing out, let a staff member know. Those costumes can be extremely hot, and it is important to be cautious. We have a designated headless lounge located in the Phys Ed building first floor that is meant as a quiet place for our animal friends.

– If you’re dressing in this type of cosplay, make sure you’re drinking lots of water, and eating a good meal before getting suited up. Please be mindful and safe while wearing these types of costumes. Again, we have a designated headless lounge located in the first floor of the Phys Ed building.