March with us in a Christmas Parade!

Parade Date: Saturday, Dec 1st at Noon.

Cecil Con is participating as an Adult Marching/Float Unit with Music. We’re taking all cosplayers and/or friends of Cecil Con to be a part of our unit. We are representing the 4 main themes of Cecil Con, so come dressed to represent Sci-fi, Fantasy, Anime, or Gaming. Each of our board members will be representing one of the themes and marching alongside you!


Date: Saturday, Dec 1st
Meet Time: 10am. At 10:30am we must start walking to the parade start line. You may meet us at the Parade start line by please let know.
Parade Time: Noon

The Details

Uncostumed Walkers are Welcome!

You don’t have to be in costume, but if you have a Cecil Con t-shirt that is encouraged but honestly, we’re just excited to have you as you are! Since we’re not allowed to hand out candy or postcards while marching… We are seeking uncostumed folks to walk along the sidewalks handing out postcards with candy canes  to people, telling them about Cecil Con.

Where to Meet/Park:
Park at the Lowes (see address below) in the outer edge of the parking lot at 10am. You can arrive no later than 10:30am as we must begin walking to our place in line. Cecil Con staff will already be there to greet you and walk with you. We will wait for everyone to walk as a group, so don’t panic! We will walk over to the parade line-up together and meet with a staff member who will be holding our place in line. There is no parking that is closer to the parade line up.

Lowes Address:
425 Mauldin Ave, North East, MD 21901

Getting Back to Lowes:
Once we’ve walked to the end of Main Street in the parade, we’ll simply have to walk back up the street to our cars. So please wear comfy shoes with your cosplay! You’ll be among friends and no one will be abandoned to walk alone.

Quick Facts:

– We are meeting at 10am to make sure everyone arrives on time. Please be early. Cecil Con staff will already be there, no one may arrive after 11am as per the parade rules.

– No one may dress as Santa Claus. The parade organizers are very particular about this because they don’t want to confuse the kids. There is already a Santa at the end of the parade.

– The Cecil Con Seahawk will be marching with us!

– Be as festive as you want! Cool props, costumes, lights, etc. are all encouraged.

– Wear comfy shoes because we will be doing a lot of walking to the parade lineup, during the parade, and then back to our vehicles. It is not recommended to wear fancy shoes that might look amazing but feel awful.

– Consider wearing layers. It may be cold on Saturday and while some folks may sacrifice comfort for looking amazing in their cosplay, just be aware of your own body. If you feel like you may start getting too cold then dress in layers.

– Kids are welcome, and parents you may bring small wagons or strollers to tote them in if necessary.


Thank you for joining us! Please fill out this form so we know to expect you. Parents please RSVP your children separately so we can get an accurate person count for the morning.

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