2019 Board Game Publisher’s Night!

Join us for Board Game Publisher’s Night in the Tech Center on Friday from 4-8pm during the Cecil Con Kick Off Party! Tabletop Game Master Matt will be located on the 1st floor with a designated game crew to introduce you to some of our highlighted publishers. They each generously provided board games to Cecil Con 2019 for our free gaming library so Friday night is ALL about how awesome they are! Here’s a list of the publisher’s:

– Blue Orange Games ( Kingdomino, Giant Edition )

– Breaking Games ( Rise of Tribes )

– Grey Fox Games ( Deception: Murder In Hong Kong )

– Kids Table Board Games ( Food Fighters )

– Looney Labs ( Batman Fluxx )

– North Star Games ( Wits and Wagers )

– Ravensburger ( Vegas the Dice Game )

– Rock Manor Games ( Maximum Apocalypse )

– Stoneblade Entertainment/Ultra Pro ( Ascension: Delirium )

– USAOPOLY Games ( Thanos Rising: Infinity War, Blank Slate )

– Wonderforge ( Villainous )

The big Tabletop Center opens on Saturday, April 13th from 10-6pm in the Phys Ed Building where you can demo 100+ games and enter to win exclusive Tabletop Prizes! But come on Friday night to get a head start!

Blue Orange Games Cecil Con 2019
Breaking Games Cecil Con 2019
Wonder Forge Cecil COn 2019
Looney Labs Cecil Con 2019
Kids Table Board Games Cecil Con 2019
Ravensburger Cecil Con 2019
Grey Fox Games Cecil Con 2019
Stoneblade Entertainment Cecil Con 2019
USAopology Cecil Con 2019
Rock Manor Games Cecil Con 2019
North Star Games Cecil Con 2019
Ultra Pro Cecil Con 2019