8Bit Fusion


We’re 2 dorks making all sorts of pop culture junk!

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Amber Davis Art


Amber does illustration and crafts of all types, great for any age or occasion!

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Anime Hatmania


Cynthia creates and sews everything that she sells starting with patterns that she draws, cuts and measures for each character. The she hand cuts and sews each hat so that it lasts!

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Ashton’s Corner


Ashton Norman will be making another art related appearance at Cecil Con after the 2017 Art Gallery this time selling some of her best handmade drawings based on popular horror games, such as; Outlast,Dead by Daylight and Five Nights at Freddy’s.


Boo Croo Creations
with Creative Fox


Boo Croo Creations is run by sisters liz and laura scott with their skills combined they form super awesome unique items for unique people. Joined by our friend Eve of that Creative Fox we hope to have a little something for everyone.

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Bunnies And Cream


Hey Bunnies! All of our cute bunny themed bath, body, candle and accessories are hand made with love are ready to go home with you!

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Byte Size Treasure


The Byte Size Treasure shop is a small shop that is the brainchild of marine life-obsessed illustrator ‘Rewynd’. BST is your one-stop-shop for all your nautical nonsense needs.

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Chelsea Martin Art


Chelsea Martin Art is an original artist who sells keychains, buttons, stickers, prints, and more! Her work includes original work as well as fanart from Voltron, One Punch Man, Steven Universe, FMA, Nintendo, and more.

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Cheripi is the name artist Angel Marie Canete goes by online. She takes a lot of inspiration from 80s and 90s anime as well as comic books.

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Chronicler of the Lands of Hope


Will Hahn is honored to serve as Chronicler for the Lands of Hope, an epic fantasy world setting with a lifetime of adventure, mystery, threat and heroism.

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Cross’ Critters


The Figments are a line of 100% original plush creations with names, species and backstories.  Cross’ Critters also sells stickers, buttons, charms and totes all bearing the Figment images.

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I am independent mangaka working hard to become the greatest of all time!

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Drastic Creative


Drastic Creative is a freelance graphic design and illustration supplier. The main focus is on illustrations, and books of exciting, characters and artwork for people of all ages. Custom art commissions are also available.

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Dreamattic Art
by Hootles & Kurohaineko


Hootles is a DC based artist and the creator of Dreamattic Art studio. Their art focuses on a mix of original and fanart filled with memes and sass. HootHoot travels the country for conventions, and has tabled at notable conventions such as Otakon and Megacon.

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Dren Productions LLC


James Mascia is the writer of various books and comics which includes “The Poe Murders,” “High School Heroes,” and “Anti-Christ.” He also designs many silly mashup and parody art prints of various pop-culture icons.

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Fantasy Forg3d MakerSpace


The makerspace is equipped with 3D printers, laser cutters, various milling devices, and more.

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FeatherHeart Art


FeatherHeart Art is where you can find cute buttons and charms from various fandoms. Why stop at buttons and charms?  We’ve got books, cosplay items, prints, lanyards and more.  Ask about commissions, too~ All it takes to make our day is a happy customer!




Galaxxon (Annie) is a Maryland-based illustrator. She enjoys drawing fanart of anime and video game characters, as well as commissions of original characters.


Hellien Art


Hellien Art features the work of graphic artist and illustrator Heather Mackey who’s artwork is largely inspired by classic horror films and both eastern anime and western cartoons.

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Honey Sweet Studio


Honey Sweet Studio is home to a bubbly cast of characters. From chubby cuteness to nihilistic sass, find your favorite!


Illustrations by Carla


Carla is an artist living in MD with her husband and two cats. She absolutely loves doing commissions at the con, and will have prints, buttons, origami dolls and some originals for sale.


Jack Taylor Cases


The Jack Taylor Cases is a book series and collector cards that combines the holiday folklore of Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” with “Hardy Boys” who-done-it style detective/mystery.

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Jessi Draws


Jess Comstock is a digital artist from Washington, D.C. who combines traditional techniques of illustration, cartooning, and character design to create unique, vibrant portraits and illustrations.

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Jiggy loves all things anime-related, coming of age in the mid-90’s when the (bad dub of) Sailor Moon and DBZ were some of the few things available on cable – until Toonami showed her the true path. From there it spiraled into J-Pop (Ayumi and Utada), conventions, fandoms, making awesome friends, etc.

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Joe G Art


Joe has been perfecting his craft of drawing, building and painting model kits for more than 30 plus years. His major artist influences are Salvador Dali, Peter max, H.R. Geiger, Naoto Hatori, David Fisher and Roger Dean.

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Hi my Name is Jess But I am also know as Jsweets! I love the world of Anime and love anything super cute, SO! I do my best to put both into my artwork!

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Kathleen Brenowitz


K. S. Brenowitz (Kat for short) is a writer and illustrator who seems far too cheerful for her sci-fi and horror work.  Her main weapons of choice are dip pens, ink, and a twisted sense of humor.

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Loriendil Publishing


L.S. King is a science fiction author with novels published in two series: Deuces Wild, a rollicking space opera, and the Sword’s Edge Chronicles, a sword-and-planet adventure. She also authored a column for writers, teaches fiction writing online, and a founding editor of online magazine Ray Gun Revival.

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Hey all, I’m a bad movie fanatic who loves history, drawing, video games and tomatoes. Come on by as my table is waiting for you!

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MedicCast Productions


Jamie Davis and his co-author (and son) C.J. Davis write fantasy and urban fantasy novels across several subgenres. Jamie’s best-selling Extreme Medical Services urban fantasy series is inspired by his work as a paramedic and nurse in the local area. Stop by their table and enter a drawing for a free book and say hello!

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Miniature Inspirations


Miniature Inspirations specializes in handmade needle felted miniature fiber sculptures of animals, characters, objects and more.


Moesaur’s Moestore


Pretty new to the artist alley scene, Moesaur’s Moestore sells prints, charms, and other cute paraphernalia. If you have the chance, please come take a look!

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Nicky Starlight


Nicky Starlight is an alien from Saturn who is interested in acquiring Earth coffees. Oh, and making art. She is the creator of the webcomic “Get Out of My Universe”.


O Amanda Panda


Art studio specializing in jewelry, handmade crafts, and accessories; with themes of fantasy, and gaming.

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Olivia Berrier


Olivia Berrier is an author of science fiction and fantasy novels. Her novel “A Book Without Dragons,” is written in five different POVs / writing styles, and was recently featured as Online Book Club’s book of the day. She enjoys cats, naps, tea, daydreaming, and night dreaming.




Two Northern Virginia area artists who sell their art together. Artist Kitt and Sarah sell prints and buttons depicting both fanart and fantasy themes.

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Random Tail


My name is Random Tail, I’m a multi medium artist, former member of the Geekdom club, and designer of the Cecil Con emblem. I’ve worked with wood to resin, classic 2d art to modern 3d digital art & so on. Enjoying new arts & experimenting with fun & creative mediums is my favorite part of being an artist.

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Ria Martinez is an East Coast based illustrator that works on a webcomic called Starry Eyed!  A LGBTQA+ slice of life story about an alien living on Earth creating friendships and happiness during his stay.

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Savannah Burris


Savannah Burris is a young, freelance, traditional artist. Her work is inspired by her pets, cartoons, and any books or TV she’s currently obsessed with.




Daniel M. Ford is a teacher, poet, and fantasy novelist. His first novel, Ordination, Book 1 of The Paladin Trilogy was released in 2016 by SFWP. The sequel, Stillbright, was released on June 1, 2017. The finale, Crusade is scheduled for release in Fall 2018. He teaches Writing, Literature, at a college prep high school in North East, Maryland.

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Sharon Brubaker


Sharon Brubaker is the local author of the popular Green Man Series.  She also is the author of the steamy, paranormal romance, “Between Earth and Sea.”


Sheila Sunshine


Sheila Reist is the freelance illustrator/graphic designer behind Sheila Sunshine. Her work typically features bold lines and atmospheric transitions of bright colors which she uses to depict personified versions of things that inspire her.

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Smithical Realm Creations


Smithical Realm Creations is a polymer clay and resin artist who creates many unique items.  She likes to challenge herself as she comes up with new ideas. From charms and pendants, figurines, and snow globes.  There is something for everyone!

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Spacedeer Art


Spacedeer art is a local artist doing original fantasy art and fanart. Come check me out for fun pins, pins and other small handmade things.

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Studio Addition


Studio Addition was created from a fascination of creating steampunk-style accessories. Owner Addie N. Spicer is constantly experimenting with figuring out new shapes to make. and is pursuing architecture licensure at an architecture firm in Wilmington, Delaware.

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Techy Cutie


Techy Cutie offers a variety of prints of original artwork of your favorite anime series, video games, and cartoons. We also offer button badges and stickers! We’re sure to have something for just about everyone!

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Toasted Loaf


Toasted Loaf is the embodiment of that passion and love for all things geek and nerd. I want to connect and share that passion and love with everyone I meet and do the best I can as someone who is just starting on the adventure of a “con artist”.


Topaz Strange


Hi everyone! I’m Topaz Strange, an artist. I one day wish to illustrate and write my own comics, but for now, I just paint and draw the things I like. I you have any special requests let me know. I do commissions anytime!

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I am a freelance illustrator based in Charlottesville, VA. As a child, I was obsessed with surreal, strange, and occasionally the macabre. Even now, I find myself preoccupied with these themes, and work to incorporate them into my pop-culture inspired artwork.

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Wonderland Eccentric


Wonderland Eccentric is a small crafting business based out of Rosedale MD specializing in Fantasy and fandom based jewelry and accessories. In 2007, we started sharing our love of fantasy, anime, comics and books with the east coast and haven’t looked back!