Cecil Con Staff

Anime Coordinator
Cierra Holmes

Cecil College
Lifelong Learning Director
Shawn Markey

Phone: 443-907-1451

If you would like to contribute an event idea to the convention then please send us an email. We’d like to hear your suggestions to make Cecil Con a success!

ALL DAY ANIME 2019 Saturday

All Day Anime (Tech Center Rm 216)
All Ages Anime!

Room Open: 10-6pm

Take a load off by relaxing in the All Day Anime Room with your friends or family. You can sit back, rest your feet, enjoy your lunch or dinner, and watch anime provided by Crunchyroll, a sponsor. The shows in this room are suitable for all audiences.

Room Sponsor:

Crunchy Roll - Anime - Cecil Con North East MD


– 10am Ancient Magus Bride (ep. 1 & 2)
– 10:50am Cells At Work! (ep. 2)
– 11:12am Darling in the Franxx (ep. 6)
– 11:36am My Hero Academia (ep. 48 & 49)
– 12:25pm Black Clover (ep. 35)
– 12:49pm Haikyu!! S3 (ep. 3 & 4)
– 1:38pm Free! Dive to the Future (ep. 3 & 4)
– 2:26pm Asobi Asobase (ep. 1)
– 2:49pm Attack on Titan S3 (ep. 44 & 45)
– 3:37pm Sword Art Online (ep. 9 & 10)
– 4:25pm My Roommate is a Cat (ep. 2)
– 4:48pm RWBY Vol. 1 (ep. 16)
– 5:05pm GAMERS! (ep. 1)
– 5:29pm Toradora! (ep. 4)